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Pro Teck Valuation Services Partners with Collateral Analytics

By Collateral Analytics |

Pro Teck Valuation Services, a Massachusetts-based national provider of residential real estate valuations, recently partnered with Collateral Analytics, a   developerhandshake-five of real estate analytic products and tools headquartered in Hawaii, to offer a suite of real estate analytic products to Pro Teck customers.

“Pro Teck is proud to offer Collateral Analytics’ suite of AVM [automated valuation model] and real estate analytic products to our customers,” said Tom O’Grady, CEO of Pro Teck.

“Collateral Analytics’ reputation for providing the most accurate and innovative real estate data and analytical tools aligns well with Pro Teck’s customer-centric mission,” O’Grady added. “The partnership will add to the extensive range of quality services Pro Teck currently delivers, and we look forward to introducing Collateral Analytics’ products to our customers.”

Collateral Analytics, which supports financial institutions, institutional and retail investors, as well as property capital market activities, has developed a suite of AVMs and analytic products that are more accurate, more useful, and more insightful than competing products, Pro Teck explained in a statement.

“Together, Collateral Analytics and Pro Teck can provide a full suite of real estate valuation services,” said Dr. Michael Sklarz, president of Collateral Analytics. “The combination brings a strategic blend of data, analytics, and valuation expertise to seamlessly meet the wide variety of needs in today’s mortgage and residential real estate markets. Pro Teck’s history as an established and innovative leader in residential valuation makes them the ideal partner.”