CA Risk Profiler

What it is

CA Risk Profiler is used to determine the probable valuation risk of a BPO or appraisal. It can quickly identify or flag potential issues regarding estimates of value and the supporting data provided by vendors to determine that estimate.

The CA Risk Profiler does a number of things to analyze the accuracy and quality of a BPO or appraisal. First, it does a comparison of the CA Value AVM with the BPO or appraised value itself. Second, it does a detailed analysis of the comparable sales and listing data provided in the BPO or appraisal report and compares them to independent public records and local market data to determine whether the report used the most proximate, similar and recent available comparable sales and listings.

Market Applications

  • Brings valuation science to the verification/validation of appraisals and/or Broker Price Opinions
  • Enhances and supplements current BPO/appraisal reconciliation efforts – does not replace them.
  • Leverages industry-unique public and local market data to independently “score” the BPO or appraisal.
  • Verifies BPO/appraisal valuation reliability and risk.
  • Verifies subject property conformity to the local market.
  • Verifies BPO/appraisal vendor performance and broker/appraiser performance

Input Features

  • Subject property information
  • Comparable information
  • Valuation date
  • BPO or appraised value

Output Features

  • Risk score – numeric and high, low, medium
  • Subject property characteristics review
  • Comparable property characteristics review
  • Estimated market value and confidence score at the time of the BPO/Appraisal
  • Subject property transaction history
  • Micro market analytics
  • Supplemental risk profiler comparables
  • Interactive Map (road, aerial, bird’s eye view) with display of subject property, user comparable and risk profiler comparables
  • Charts – Surrounding ZIP code home price trends
  • Sales activity charts – Surrounding ZIP code subject property versus comparable sales distributions.


The CA Risk Profiler reports are available through an interactive website, XML delivery or batch requests.

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