CA Agent Market Wizard

What it is

The CA Agent Market Wizard is “wizard-based” tool that empowers real estate professionals to quickly and easily produce a comprehensive set of market analytic reports for buyer and seller presentations. The CA Agent Market Wizard allows brokers and sales associates to search by geography (e.g., city, zip code, and neighborhood of a specific address) and by property characteristics (e.g., property type, property characteristics, price range and more).  It outputs a set of comprehensive charts covering a number of market indicators such as sales activity, average prices, months of inventory remaining and sold market time to name a few along with detailed chart descriptions.  Users are able to save, print and email the report to best keep clients and prospects informed.

Market Applications

The CA Agent Market Wizard is used in both listing and buyer presentations to provide buyers and sellers with detailed overview of how their surrounding neighborhood or market has been performing.  In addition, it shows both buyers and sellers the historical and current trends in a number of important, coincident and leading real estate market indicators.  The CA Agent Market Wizard is an excellent tool to keep past clients and new prospects informed on a regular basis of their current markets or other markets in which they may be interested.  The CA Agent Market Wizard reports are available through a customized, privately-branded website for brokerages.

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